Being Human Foundation

Salman Khan Being Human - Foundation non profitable charity , This is Salman Khan's Foundation to help poor and needy peoples Salman Khan spent his a lot of Money in Being Human Foundation, Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan is the Owner of this foundation, When asked what Being Human mean to him, Salman replied: “Being human for me is being human. We all are human beings and I think we don’t do anything human to be human so you have to do something. I mean God gives you so much and you know eventually you need to start giving it back. Everyone does that, I’m sure, in some way or the other but I wanted to start this on my own for a long time now. But I just couldn’t find the time and I’m more inclined to this now.
Being Human foundation is Providing Education, Presently Salman Khan Opened Computer Center's for Children's of Being Human Foundation,Bollywood Hunk Salman doing every 
effort to make them Perfect and God is with Salman.
Being Human foundation is working on two main causes to Provide a quality education to Poor's and needy people's and health care, for poor's donate your blood for being human:
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