Salman Khan Promotes Aishwarya Rai on Screen, You Will Cry After Watch This Video

Aishwarya Rai is going through a very emotionally traumatic phase, as her father Krishnaraj Rai, who died after a long illness on Saturday. Almost the entire bollywood expressed their condolences to the actress in connection with the death of her father, and many of the actors, Actresses, Directors, filmmakers and many others visited her to Express their condolences. However, one name that has not been of Salman Khan. The superstar, who was once the boyfriend of a former Miss World, did not attend prayer meeting. But why? Well, there was a time when Salman and Aishwarya were the most happening couple of bollywood everyone is talking about them. However, the relationship could not last the distance and they both broke up after a very hectic period. Interestingly, their division grabbed the spotlight since their relationship ended in mutual accusations. At the time, said to the media, Salman openly called father Krishnaraj Rai and as the reason for their breakup, according to Patrick. Let's see what the bollywood ‘ant’, - said at the time: