Salman Khan Walked Out Of An Interview When Asked If Being Human Was A PR Stunt

Salman Khan walked out of an interview, when asked if being human is a PR stunt

One of those questions was about the man, the charity started by the actor in 2007. Actor often asked if the Foundation is just a strategic PR move to boost his otherwise tarnished image. In the past the actor, let the questions go, not paying attention to them. But in a recent interview with the Huffington post, the actor seemed to have lost his cool when asked about the same and walked out leaving the interviewer stunned.

“Do you have any idea how much work we do per person? We*** * load of work on a daily basis. I'm not even gonna put my name there, man. It is to be human. I'm not even on the Board or any of the Trustees. The idea is that years from this time, people should forget who even started a Fund. You have no idea. To do one thing: Go and live his life for one day,” he exclaimed in anger, leaving the interview in the middle of the road.