Being Human T-Shirts / Difference Between Original and Fake Being Human T-Shirts

Being Human T-Shirts / Difference Between Original and Fake Being Human T-Shirts:

Unfortunately Some People's are Selling Fake Being Human T-Shirts, Here i will show you the difference between, Original and Fake Being Human T-Shirts, In order to aware you from this Crime.

When You Purchase one Being Human T-Shirt rs:100 will go in Being Human Charity for Education and Healthcare Purpose.

Original Being Human T-Shirts and Fake Being Human T-shirts:

In these Photos you will see that some T-Shirts have the Cotton World Badge and some have Badge Like L,X,Y, These L,X,Y are Fake and Those T-Shirts which have the Cotton world Badge these are real Original Being Human T-Shirts.
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  1. when you gonna lunch this T-shirt in Nepal????

  2. Now, You can Buy Original Being Human T-shirt @

    Thanks for Reply
    Admin: Gul Ahmed

  3. Is the tshirt ordered on book my show is original tshirt

  4. Here is Official Website of Being Human Foundation

    Admin ( Gul Ahmed )

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  6. where is cotton world in nepal...i cudnt find it in net,i am dying to get those t-shirt n watches of beinghuman..plz share me if any1 got idea abt it

  7. How to identify being human jeans?

  8. Thanks to your article, I can now easily distinguish the original from the forgery.


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